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Ensuring you have a safe & fun stay

COVID-19 Safety at Hotel Sheraton

Hotel Sheraton has always put the safety of its Guests and Staff first. With regards to COVID-19; Owners, management and staff, working together as a team, will strive, at all times, to take all of the appropriate measures to reduce the risks from COVID-19 for our staff, guests and visitors to our Hotel.

We follow the current Government guidelines so that you rest easy knowing that you are safe throughout your stay with us. These include:

  • Sanitizing stations and equipment, screens and PPE (personal protective equipment) when required.
  • Ensuring that cleaning and sanitising is carried out on a regular basis, to the highest of standards in all areas.
  • Providing lateral flow tests for guests and staff when required.
  • As of 27th January 2022 the wearing of masks is currently optional but masks are available at reception  for staff and guests.

We have followed and monitored Government Guidelines throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, and have also been advised by our qualified Health & Safety Expert. All of these safety measures are in place allowing you to relax and have a fantastic holiday.

If you’d like to read our COVID-19 Risk Assessments, please click on the links below:

General Hotel | Reception | Bedrooms | Restaurant | Bar | Kitchen | Maintenance

This page was last updated on Thursday, 27th January 2022